Susan Gianevsky holds degrees in both Education and Natural Medicine with over 25 years of experience in the health industry.  Susan travels nationally and internationally delivering seminars on wellness and cellular health.  She is passionate about uniting mind and body medicine and has always held a number of modalities as key to her treatment protocols she follow.  Tissue Salts and Homeopathics are always part of the core of her prescription along with any other product ranges she recommends based on your facial analysis and discussion she has with you.

Her  vast health experience has enabled her to provide unique consultations where all avenues of wellness are incorporated.  Susan provides intuitive consultations on health as she is able to zone in on the core of the imbalance due to her level of experience as a health practitioner.

Susan’s natural medicines are now sold all around Australia, NZ & Canada and is invited to speak and write for a number of wellness magazines on the benefits of mind and body balance. 

Susan is based in Melbourne and holds consultations nationally or via online, for a fee which includes all her prescriptions provided.

For more information or to make a consultation appointment you can contact Susan at