Susan Gianevsky is passionate about seeing women reach their  full health potential. Spend a few moments in her presence, and you will be enamoured with this elegant and confident lady who literally glows with life.

Susan’s journey had been planted long, long ago in her family line.  Susan’s grandmother was renowned in her small Macedonian village for her  compassionate heart and old-world herbal remedies.  People would queue at her door for a herbal cream for eczema or a plant based elixir to relieve an ailment.  She migrated to Australia and raised young Susan, whose mother worked long hours.  Susan learned so much about compassion from her grandmother and believes If you don’t have compassion, how can you understand women?

As a girl, Susan had her own plans - she longed to be a school teacher. She worked hard and achieved her dream, and in the mid 1980s was awarded a coveted International Teaching Fellow which enabled her to travel and teach in Europe.  On her return to Australia, Susan found herself strangely unsettled with the realization that she had achieved all she could in her role.  These restless thoughts would not be dismissed, and she began to have trouble sleeping at night.  After months of relentless frustration, tiredness and irritability, a friend gave Susan a Bach Flower Remedy to help her sleep. Fascinated at how a few drops of White Chestnut plant essence improved her overall sleep patterns, this inspiration led Susan to leave teaching and study homeopathy – which has been her joy ever since.

On completion of her studies, Susan was offered a position with Martin & Pleasance, Melbourne’s oldest homeopathic company since 1855, and she became their resident homeopath – a position she has held for over 20 years.  During this time, she gave a talk at a drug & alcohol clinic on the benefits of consuming minerals for those with addiction; this led to a regular opportunity to work with clients.  So began a journey of discovery, in which Susan created breakthrough homeopathic formulas which reduced cravings and helped to overcome addiction. She traveled internationally, presenting her groundbreaking findings and thus the birth of Be Free™ Habit Relief Formula.

Susan Gianevsky has formal qualifications in both education and homeopathy, specializing in mineral therapy.  With over 25 years experience in private practice and inspiring everyone she meets on the importance of mind and body balance, Susan is often invited to write articles for magazines and has a regular column in the Canadian health magazine - Alive.

Susan is a well respected educator, speaker and women's networking participant.  Susan's passion is women's health sharing her knowledge and homeopathic remedies inspiring women to create harmony within themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Susan has been an integral part of Martin & Pleasance for over 25 years and has formulated the homeopathic range & Kidz Minerals which are sold nationally & internationally. Her time spent supporting clients in Drug & Alcohol inspired her to create Habit Relief & Liver Elixir which are sold individually or as part of the Fresh Start pack.    

Susan is the also ambassador of women.'s health for Martin & Pleasance and has her own company Be Free Therapies PTY LTD.  She formulates homeopathic remedies that are sold nationally and internationally. Susan also writes articles and is invited to speak throughout the year in the health and beauty arena.

Susan travels nationally and internationally as an ambassador for women's health inspiring women of all ages to come together, share, learn and embrace what it is to be powerful and unique women.  Susan shares her passion, knowledge and findings on natural remedies and of course Schuessler Tissue Salts that are part of every prescription she provides to encourage good health and wellbeing for women across the world.  Susan's passion on tissue salts has led her to write books and courses as she believes healthy cells are the key to optimum health!

“It inspires me when I am able to help a woman be free to sing her own song.”

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